Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm not really [happy as] a lecturer, and things may have gone by pretty swiftly yesterday, so if you want to talk about "sincerity" or "objectification" or "Sincerity and Objectification," here's the place to do it.


  1. OK, it's Wednesday night. Leaders? Assignments? Comments? Or is everyone waiting for the weekend?

  2. I will post an assignment by this afternoon-- it will either be, or very closely resemble, the suggested reading-- according to what we discussed in class, and what Genna, Katherine, and & have discussed since.

  3. Sorry guys. We all got this last night probably. I had a late practice.

    For relief--I love the poem on page 80. Sincere, witty and amusing. After reading up to it, I was very pleased with the editor--it emphasized the humorist that was harder to see in Zukofsky while reading him as a dry, dry man.

    On page 97 begins a collection from "12", three pages later on 100 I really enjoyed an excerpt of the excerpt, namely:
    "Heart / With mind quick to love, / Look to the real thing / Unfold it within you / Turned there thru pleasure, / Bound anew."

    Although at points he seems overbearing, I like his way of approaching the subject matter. Also, I think this emphasis on that which is real: the real thing--keeps me committed to his words through ease of images.

    When we read through the area before the Half-dozenth movement I was particularly struck by line 248: "But she has more color in her cheeks than the Angles--Angels--mother,--"

    It particularly reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_QekGnpcPA

    I like the idea more that the Decemberists are thieves, rather than not.

    I also really enjoyed the pieces from Anew (pg 22) particularly "2". It continues to mock the "superiority" of upper class with subtle jabs. In a look, it feels like the compelling loneliness of any house party--but to me it doesn't feel particularly Jewish.

  4. Heh, Jason, I don't think the Decemberists are talking about Angles (the race -- the first half of Anglo-Saxon) in their lyric! But it would be nice to think of them as closet Zukofsky-readers.

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  6. Jason--

    I've been waiting for people to post on the other-- as in the assigned reading. There's another blog post where the discussion can take place through that specific comment stream.

    Also, the problem remains where I don't have access to the blackboard site as an independent study.

    Re: Your comments-- I haven't yet read that far in the Selected--as it reaches outside this weeks' time period & our assigned reading for the next session, and assigned by leaders (me, Genna, Katherine) as such.

    However, I look forward to your comments on the assigned poems, Scroggins Bio, Zukofsky's Statement, for this week.(See new blog post-- not in the comments stream).


    ps, I heart the Decemberists.

  7. So are we discussing the readings pre class online or after class? maybe I am misunderstanding.

  8. J

    my understanding is that the discussion pre-class is supposed to occur before midnight sunday. although i believe there is also a goal that some conversation will continue post-class--

    the requirement seems to be pre-class in the syllabus, to me.